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    Nick Symons

    LSRG projects can be large and sometimes it takes a while for papers/presentations to get into print. Don’t worry about this as ensuring that these things happen is one of the primary functions of your committee. In the meantime you can certainly include that you are a member of the LSRG and detail your involvement in any studies you have participated in. It is useful to outline the study, particularly the number of centres involved and number of patients included as well as your role within it. For example:

    “I am an active member of the LSRG and have recently been part of the SHAPE study. This was a multicentre questionnaire study looking at antibiotic prophylaxis in inguinal hernia repair that questioned 229 surgeons in 34 hospitals with a 92% response rate. I was a local investigator at XXX Hospital and surveyed all eligible consultants. I presented the local results and compared them with the regional figures at our local audit meeting. A paper related to this study has been submitted to Hernia and is currently under consideration”

    This allows anyone looking at your CV to discuss the study with you and can make a good and positive talking point, even if the paper related to the study has not yet been published. (NB: don’t copy the above text word for word!)

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