Invitation to Join the UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network


From Prof Rupert Pearse:

Many of you will already be aware of the recent launch of the UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network. We are creating an environment which allows everyone with an interest in perioperative care to make a meaningful but realistic contribution to clinical research. Our ultimate goal is to build a trials network of international standing. More than anyone else, we want local and principal investigators to get more involved in how new studies are selected, designed, and run so that we can improve engagement and the sense of ownership amongst grass roots clinicians. We had been reluctant to circulate too many emails, but we were advised that many of you may not have heard about the project, or were not sure who it was aimed at. Regardless of your role or experience, if you have a genuine interest in perioperative medicine trials, then you are definitely someone we would like to have as a member.

The Network is free to join, although we will want you to be an active investigator. Please visit our website to find out more: . The webcast of our launch is now available at a link at the bottom of the following webpage: . If you decide to join, the registration process only takes a few minutes and you can do this through the website by clicking the ‘Join the CTN’ link on our home page. Once your application is approved, you will be asked to upload a short CV and a copy of your GCP certificate (GCP may be completed for free online).

The first CTN meeting will be held on 9th November in Birmingham, and we would be delighted to welcome you there:

Many thanks for your time. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any queries at .

For twitter fans, you can follow us here: @pomctn

Best wishes
Rupert Pearse
Director, UK Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network

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