Join now: GlobalSurg 2 – Determining the worldwide epidemiology of surgical site infections after abdominal surgery


GlobalSurg 2 is underway, and is open until the end of July. It only involves a two 7-day data collection periods, and is focused on surgical site infection and antimicrobial resistance.

It is a great way to audit local practice and contribute to an international audit too. The local loop can easily be closed by educating departments on the current NICE guidance, and then doing a second 2-week period later on.

GlobalSurg 1 was completed in 2014, and involved 10,745 patients from 375 centres in 58 countries. The publication is due to come online in the BJS in the next few days, and it is expected that GlobalSurg 2 will do well too. Further ahead, the two datasets will be combined to produce a further series of papers. So potentially a good return of publications for being involved here.

Go to the GlobalSurg 2 website to register now.

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