Last call – RIFT audit


This is the LAST CALL for the people to register for the national Right Iliac Fossa Treatment audit, which will be running in early 2017.

The RIFT audit follows on from the highly successful National Appendicectomy Audit 2012 (6 papers published). It is being run by the West Midlands Research Collaborative (WMRC) and co-ordinated locally by the LSRG. It will prospectively audit the care of patients admitted with right iliac fossa pain, closing the audit loop on the 2012 study. It will also evaluate the use of risk scoring for appendicitis.

Any hospital that admits general surgical emergencies in the UK and Ireland can get involved, including paediatric specialist centres. We are looking for teams of up to six collaborators per centre, split between two 2-week data collection periods.

One collaborator at each hospital will take on a local lead role, co-ordinating RIFT at their centre. Each hospital’s team will need to be supported by a supervising consultant. All collaborators will be listed as PubMed citable collaborators on all resulting papers.

Key points:

  • Two data collection periods of two weeks each
  • An optional third data collection period
  • All surgical trainees welcomes
  • This a re-audit and very useful for CVs and interviews

Further information is available on the LSRG webpage. Click here to read the full protocol. Queries to


If you have already registered – great! Please now register your audit with your local audit department and email to confirm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kaps Sahnan
LSRG Lead for RIFT Audit
On behalf of the West Midlands Research Collaborative

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