London lead needed for PPAC2 trial


Here’s an opportunity to involved in this major trial at regional level – certainly good CV fodder. Contact Katy directly at if you’re interested…

We are looking for trainees to act as regional leads to raise awareness of the trial and to encourage local trainees to identify and recruit patients.

‘The impact of postoperative packing of perianal abscess cavities (PPAC2)’ is a national, multicentre, NIHR funded, trainee led randomised controlled trial investigating the use of wound packing in perianal abscess. We want to assess whether not packing these wounds results in less pain, better quality of life, less cost, and no more perianal fistulas or abscess recurrences than the usual treatment of continued would packing.

This is the first trial run by the North West Research Collaborative, alongside the North West Surgical Trials Centre. A trial summary is attached.

The regional lead will coordinate trainees at the recruiting centres to maximise recruitment and follow up. They will share information between the trial management group and trainees, and be responsible for presenting the trial at regional educational and research meetings. The regional trainee does not need to work at a site recruiting patients. We have a corporate authorship policy (PPAC2 Collaborating Group). Within this all those involved in the pathway of at least five patients, and Regional leads will be individually cited.

As of of today, we are now open to recruitment in 13 sites, with a total of 50 in set up. We are keen to open in more sites!

PPAC2 has centres in LSRG region currently in set up:

  • Homerton Hospital                  PI Mr Pedro Cunha
  • Royal Free                                PI Mr Massimo Varcada
  • Basildon University Hospital  PI Mr Shiva Dindyal
  • Broomfield Hospital                 PI Mr Abidemi Adeosun

We look forward to working with you. Many thanks.

Katy Newton, ST8 General Surgery HENW, On behalf of the PPAC2 Trial Management Group and North West Research Collaborative

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