National Acute Small Bowel Obstruction Audit


South Yorks and West Midlands are working together on the above project. They have received support from ACPGBI and BAPEN. They have obtained a grant from BDRF to fund this project.

This is essentially an 8 week prospective audit running from Jan 2017. It will capture the pathway of patients treated for SBO, something NELA is unable to do as many are managed non-operatively. They are specifically interested in how these patients are managed nutritionally and have drawn audit standards from the NICE guidance on nutritional support.

They currently have 65 centres signed up, but would like 100 in order to get good numbers of operatively and non-operatively managed patients.

They would like consultants to be a centre lead and take responsibility for governance. Consultants will also complete a survey of site specific resources and arrange the validation of data. Trainees would be involved in the data collection phase.

All those returning a validated dataset would be eligible for collaborative authorship.

Can you help us identify more centres? Those already registered are here:

Further info available from or @nasbo2017 and Matt Lee is happy to answer any questions on the project. Protocol available from Matt on request.

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