National Margin’s Audit data collection phase complete


From Sarah Tang, National Margin’s Audit Lead

The National Margin’s Audit data collection phase is now complete. On behalf of the London Surgical Research Group, I would like to thank the investigators from 74 hospitals who have contributed over 2900 data sets. This is an excellent example of how successful collaborative work on a national level can be!

Our first priority is to extract data from the unit questionnaires and a review of national variation in margin practice will be submitted for publication hopefully in September. Of the 74 hospitals, we are still missing questionnaires from 15 hospitals. Investigators who have submitted margin data but not questionnaires should do so immediately.

For those who are interested in the study but have not taken part yet, it is still possible to contribute to the review in variation in practice by completing a unit questionnaire. Please contact Sarah directly on . More information on the study can be found on our website .

Best wishes
Miss Sarah Tang
Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
St Georges Hospital, London
National Margins Audit Lead, London Surgical Research Group

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