New Project to join: IMAGINE (Ileus MAnaGement INtErnational)

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Below is announcement from the EUROSurg group about their latest study: IMAGINE (Ileus MAnaGement INtErnational)

An international, observational study of postoperative ileus and provision of management after colorectal surgery.

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EuroSurg is an international collaboration of students and surgical trainees, supported by senior surgeons and academics. The group engages collaborators in common research goals to deliver meaningful studies across multiple countries. The first EuroSurg study in 2015 was completed in 7 countries, across 127 hospitals.


Postoperative ileus (POI) is the commonest complication after elective colorectal surgery and is associated with increased post- operative adverse events and prolonged hospital stay.

Study Participants:

Students and trainees from European and partnering countries will form teams at their local hospitals. Eligible hospitals are those which perform elective colorectal surgery.

Study Periods:

Period 1: 22 Jan 2018 – 5 Feb 2018 (+ 30 day follow up)

Period 2: 12 Feb 2018 – 26 Feb 2018 (+ 30 day follow up)

Period 3: 5 Mar 2018 – 19 Mar 2018 (+ 30 day follow up)

Study Aims:

The primary aim is to profile gastrointestinal (GI) recovery after colorectal surgery. The secondary outcome is to assess the role of NSAIDs in expediting GI recovery and their respective safety.

Inclusion Criteria:

All consecutive adult patients undergoing elective colonic or rectal resection, or reversal of stoma (colostomy or ileostomy).

Exclusion Criteria:

Emergency procedures are not eligible. Surgery for primary urological, gynaecological, vascular or hepatobiliary pathology or procedures not involving resection of bowel are not eligible.

Outcome Measures:

The primary outcome is GI recovery, determined using a composite measure of bowel function and oral tolerance (GI-2). The secondary outcome is the rate of postoperative adverse events, including anastomotic leak and acute kidney injury.

Data Collection:

Data will be collected using the online web application (REDCap). This is a widely used and secure data capture service.

Data Analysis:

Data will be pooled and analysed centrally. All analyses will be anonymous with no surgeon- or hospital-level analysis.


All collaborators will be designated PubMed-citable co-authorship according to the following model:

Please join and support this exciting new project!

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