Pan-specialty National Delirium Audit


GeMRC (Geriatric Medicine Research Collaborative) are planning to conduct a pan-specialty national point prevalence study/ audit of delirium recognition on Wednesday 14th March (World Delirium Day). This will involve assessing all adults aged 65 years and older in admissions units (medical and surgical) in the UK on this date, as per NICE guidelines. They are currently refining our protocol and proforma to make it as simple and effective as possible. The documents can all be found on their website and will be updated prior to the day, but can be used for audit registration purposes.

Point prevalence of delirium has not been done in UK hospitals before, and should lead to publication in a high impact paper.  If you’re interested in getting involved or would like to know more then contact Carly Welch directly To register your site click on the website link above.

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