Peri-operative Reduction of Inapparent Myocardial Events (PRIME) Pilot Study

Heart muscle damage often occurs during major surgery, and is associated with greater risk of complications, poorer health, and even death in the medium ­to ­long term. Therefore, finding new ways to protect the heart during surgery are urgently needed.

Remote ischaemic preconditioning (RIPC) is a technique which may be of benefit. This involves a reducing blood flow to one part of the body briefly before surgery, which seems to convey a protective effect throughout the patients blood vessels, including the heart. A growing body of evidence supports its use in heart surgery, although it has not yet been investigated in patients having major abdominal surgery.

The aim of this pilot study is to investigate the effect of RIPC on post-operative troponin levels and cardiovascular complications following major abdominal surgery.

London Surgical Research Group