If you have an idea for a project get in touch. It doesn’t matter if your idea is on the back of an envelope or a fully developed protocol. The sooner you get in touch the sooner we can help you.

My idea is just an idea

Great! Share it with us and we can help brainstorm how to develop the idea. We may be able to share the work or we can help you form your own team. We will have advice on how to shape the idea so it is best placed to utilise our research network. We also have experience in study design so can help, advise or even mentor you through all the design decisions. Lastly if you want to involve some senior help then we have the contacts to make that happen.

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I want to develop my idea first

We would encourage you to at the very least ask to speak to one of us on the phone informally, it can save you a lot of time. However if you want to develop things first then your first step is to try and describe your study idea on one side of A4. Use our project summary template if you want to. Then send your idea to us.

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Then What Happens?

We will help you develop a full study protocol. This will involve senior input and support. We may help you form a steering committee, launch a small pilot, and write funding and ethics applications, depending on what is appropriate for your study. Once it’s ready, we will help launch the project on our network and the wider research collaborative community. We can also provide assistance in project management to ensure the project runs on time, completes its objectives, written up and submitted for publication.