New paper from LSRG National Margins Audit published!


Congratulations to all the co-authors on this major national prospective study on current margin practice in 2858 women undergoing breast-conserving therapy in the UK and Ireland. It showed a wide variation in practice. If a uniform national margin policy were adopted, our figures show that this would result in a reduction in the number of women needing revision surgery. The results are now published in the European Journal of Cancer – a high quality journal with an impact factor of 6.0.

London Surgical Research Group. Tang SS, Kaptanis S, Haddow JB, Mondani G, Elsberger B, Tasoulis MK, Obondo C, Johns N, Ismail W, Syed A, Kissias P, Venn M, Sundaramoorthy S, Irwin G, Sami AS, Elfadl D, Baggaley A, Remoundos DD, Langlands F, Charalampoudis P, Barber Z, Hamilton-Burke WLS, Khan A, Sirianni C, Merker LAG, Saha S, Lane RA, Chopra S, Dupré S, Manning AT, St John ER, Musbahi A, Dlamini N, McArdle CL, Wright C, Murphy JO, Aggarwal R, Dordea M, Bosch K, Egbeare D, Osman H, Tayeh S, Razi F, Iqbal J, Ledwidge SFC, Albert V. Current margin practice and effect on re-excision rates following the publication of the SSO-ASTRO consensus and ABS consensus guidelines: a national prospective study of 2858 women undergoing breast-conserving therapy in the UK and Ireland. Eur J Cancer. 2017;84:315. [PubMed] [Full text]

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